Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pet Platypus Not For Sale

Unfortunately, it is illegal to have a pet platypus.  Besides the fact that it is against the law to own a platypus as a pet, it is nearly impossible due to their sensitivity to change in their environment. Additionally, the male platypus is actually a venomous animal that comes complete with a spur on its hind foot that delivers enough venom to cause serious pain to a human and even kill a very small child! The Platypus is no longer considered an endangered species, but it is listed as “vulnerable,” which contributes to the illegality of owning one as a pet. Despite this common knowledge, there are still a few sites that list “Platypus for Sale” on the internet…It’s almost understandable how someone might find themselves on one of those sites wishing for a pet platypus because as babies, THEY ARE SO STINKING CUTE!


  1. AHH!!! These little guys are sooo adorable! I want one! I am very sad that they are not legal to keep as pets! Haha. I wonder if they would make good pets if they were not a "vulnerable" species, and if they were kept in an appropriate environment. Of course, the male's venom would be a bit of an issue. But I am more interested in their behavior and ability to be domesticated. If raised by humans, would their behavior be aggressive or would they be friendly and affectionate?

  2. :( I really want one!!! I wish it was legal. :'-(

  3. lets make a petition to make them legal as pets